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Robin birdsong Ireland

Coming home from a trip to the north of Spain, the first thing I noticed was the birdsong in Ireland. This contrasted with the almost total silence I had experienced whilst abroad. This was in the early autumn, not usually associated with birdsong, but there it was… everywhere, and so beautiful! I was so happy to be home.

People often say it’s easy to overlook things that are on your doorstep. I was, then, overjoyed to come back to County Clare, and celebrate in the rich biodiversity I found all around. We call Ireland the Emerald Isle for a reason, and the fact that we have sufficient rainfall is a real blessing. The birds were busy stocking up on supplies, obviously enjoying the bounty of harvest time.

On that note, then, here’s a short recording of a robin that greeted me upon waking this morning:

On the morning after my return I headed out on a wonderful walk in a diverse local woodland, together with my trusty canine companion Jack. There, I immersed myself in the melodious sounds of nature. It was a wonderful and very relaxing experience. Get in touch if you’d like to join me on my next walk, and discover with me the wonderful birdsong to be found all around this beautiful corner of Ireland. While early morning is often the richest time of day for birdsong, you can hear birds throughout the day.

Birdwatch Ireland

If you like birdsong in Ireland check out Birdwatch Ireland for more info about birds and the work the charity do. Established in 1968, BirdWatch Ireland are the largest independent conservation organisation in Ireland. They currently have over 15,000 members, but are always looking for more. Among other things they promote an understanding and appreciation of birds, and encourage habitat creation.

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