Walking Tours

Walking tours in East Clare

Heartlands Ecotours provide high quality walking tours in East Clare and the Lough Derg area. We specialise in nature-themed walks in woods or on hills, including to some lesser-known hidden gems. Learn about plants and animals in stunning scenery, or in the depths of mystical woodlands. Providing a bespoke service tailored to meet your needs, we can arrange tours that are exactly what you’re looking for in this wonderful part of Ireland – just get in touch and we can arrange the walk you want!

Also available are heritage walks, where we can dig deep to bring to life the fascinating past in this historic corner of Ireland. Come with us to see where Brian Boru lived, where he was inaugurated, the ancient church – the oldest in Ireland – that he visited. Visit the workhouses where unfortunate people were sent, explore ancient graveyards, secret burial grounds and some of the famous ‘mass rocks’ dotted around the countryside.

Another highlight is to follow the artists’ trail, experiencing private and hands-on experiences with some of the many artists and craftspeople in this wonderfully creative and diverse community. Experience live music sessions, home-grown theatre and some of the other creative outputs to be found, as part of the many festivals in the area, and also during many of the informal ‘sessions’ occurring throughout the year.